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Music Education

음악교육과 사진

In the Department of Music Education, the curriculum consists of diverse courses that deal with the theories and practices of Western and Korean music as well as music pedagogy in depth for the purpose of equipping students with the necessary qualifications of elementary music teachers in addition to an understanding of music. Also, the department has specialized divisions focusing on wind instruments, string instruments, piano, gugak(traditional Korean music), vocal music, music composition, and music education, where students can receive professional trainings in the area of interest. This helps students further develop their practical skills in that specific area. They are also provided with guidance to write their graduation thesis or to pre―pare for the graduation performance.

Incheon Campus

  • AddMusic Building #205
  • Tel+82-32-540-1260
  • Fax+82-32-540-1264

Gyeonggi Campus

  • AddMusic Building #301
  • Tel+82-31-470-6260
  • Fax+82-31-470-6269

Professor's introduction

Professor's introduction
Campus Name Position The lab Contact Email
Incheon Moon-joo Seog Professor Music Building #209 +82-32-540-1268
Gyeonggi Myoung-gyu Lee Professor Music Building #313 +82-31-470-6261
Gyeonggi Yong-hee Kim Professor Music Building #312 +82-31-470-6267
Incheon Hey-jung Kim Professor Music Building #208 +82-32-540-1265
Incheon Yang-kyung Lee Professor Music Building #210 +82-32-540-1263
Gyeonggi Seung-mi Seo Professor Music Building #310 +82-31-470-6266
Gyeonggi Yun-jeong Cho Professor Music Building #304 +82-31-470-6264
Gyeonggi Dong-hee Lee Assistant Professor Music Building #307 +82-31-470-6262