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Computer Education


Computational Thinking (CT) is a process of generalizing the solution to a problem for which the correct answer is not determined so that it can be solved through software (SW). These computational thinking skills consist of abstraction, problem decomposition, pattern recognition, and problem-solving algorithms, that is, program (code) design capabilities. The goal of SW education is to strengthen these computational thinking skills. The Department of Computer Education aims to train computer education experts in preparation for an intelligent information society. To this end, various courses on the latest computer education methods, including computer science, SW education, and AI education, are opened. This department emphasizes practical training using various equipment and computer labs.

Incheon Campus

  • AddInformation Education Center #407
  • Tel+82-32-540-1289
  • Fax+82-32-548-0288

Gyeonggi Campus

  • AddTeacher Education #413
  • Tel +82-31-470-6290
  • Fax+82-31-470-6299

Professor's introduction

Professor's introduction
Campus Name Position The lab Contact Email
Gyeonggi Jae-ho Lee Professor Teacher Education #414 +82-31-470-6291
Gyeonggi Soo-jung Lee Professor Teacher Education #408 +82-31-470-6298
Incheon Sun-gwan Han Professor Information Education Center #405 +82-32-540-1299
Gyeonggi Kil-hong Joo Professor Teacher Education #409 +82-31-470-6294
Gyeonggi Kyeong Hur Professor Teacher Education #412 +82-31-470-6292
Incheon Won-sung Sohn Professor Information Education Center #406 +82-32-540-1284
Incheon Sung-hun Ahn Associate Professor Information Education Center #402 +82-32-540-1283