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Core Values

The core values of the students, faculty and staff of GINUE are innovation, creativity, excellence, communication, and care. These core values serve as the very foundation upon which we will attain our vision and goals.

  • InnovationSeek continuous development without falling into complacency
  • CreativityThink and work from new perspectives
  • ExcellencePerform our duties in accordance with the highest standards
  • CareUnderstand and be considerate of others
  • CommunicationCreate synergy by communicating with one another

Top 5 Strategies

The top 3 core responsibilities of a university are to provide education, conduct research, and serve the community. GINUE has set forth a vision and goals to fulfill these responsibilities, and to this end, five major strategies have been established.

  • 01

    Run programs to train creative teachers who will lead the future of education.

  • 02

    Carry out research and development projects that drive forth innovation in education and help attain the vision of education.

  • 03

    Run tailored programs that support the professional growth of the faculty members.

  • 04

    Establish and run an education community by networking with the local community members.

  • 05

    Form a global network for sustainable education development.

Vision of University

Vision of University