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Campus Life

Campus Residence

For the purpose of creating a suitable environment for students whose homes are far from the campus to concentrate on their studies, without having to commute long distances, five residence halls, three in Incheon Campus and two in Gyeonggi Campus, accommodate a total of 1,242 students. Every dormitory building is equipped with a lounge, a laundry room, a gym, and various other amenities.


  • Tel(Incheon) : 82-32-540-1180,4
  • Tel(Gyeonggi) : 82-31-470-6145
  • Email(Incheon) :
  • Email(Gyeonggi) :
  • Webpage :
Residence Hall
Campus Residence Hall Occupancy
(per room)
Room Rates
Incheon Campus Gyeyang Dormitory 1 Two 653,480 KRW
Gyeyang Dormitory 2 653,480 KRW
Gyeyang Dormitory 3 978,680 KRW
Gyeonggi Campus Yerim Dormitory 1 Two 693,320 KRW
Yerim Dormitory 2 Standard 995,360 KRW
Family 1,202,240 KRW

Facilities for students

Facilities for students
Campus Facilities Location Open Hour (Mon-Fri)
Incheon Campus Cafeteria Student Union Building (1F)
  • Breakfast07:30~09:00
  • Lunch11:30~14:00
  • Dinner17:30~19:00
Convenience Store(CU) Comprehensive Student Service Center Building (2F) 08:00~20:00
GINUESIUM Sport Center GINUESIUM (3F) 09:00~21:00
Gyeonggi Campus Cafeteria Student Cultural Center (2F)
  • Breakfast07:30~09:00
  • Lunch11:30~14:00
  • Dinner17:30~19:00
Convenience Store(CU) Student Cultural Center (1F) 08:00~20:00
Cafe Kim Wondu Student Cultural Center (1F) 08:30~17:30