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Campus Life

Information Center

The Academic Information Center collects and processes specialized information that meets the purpose of the university, which is to foster elementary school teachers. It provides a wide range of academic information services based on digital platforms through which the desired resources can be used anytime, anywhere. The center also operates a video archive, school project production lab, and comprehensive information search room.

02Residence Hall

For the purpose of creating a suitable environment for students whose homes are far from the campus to concentrate on their studies, without having to commute long distances, there are three dormitory buildings (530 students) on the Incheon campus and two dormitory buildings (712 students) that can accommodate a total of 1,242 student residents. The dormitories are each equipped with a lounge, laundry room, gym, and various other amenities.

Information Center

The Computer Information Center is in charge of informatization planning and information services which include providing information technologies to support the research and teaching or learning activities of the faculty and students, providing various multimedia systems, equipment, and materials, and managing the security of computer networks and information.

04Education Training

This is a re-training center for kindergarten and elementary school teachers. It equips the trainees with specialized knowledge and basic qualifications required of teachers through vocational training, training for the Grade 1 & 2 certified teachers, principal qualification training, and special training programs entrusted by the State and municipalities.

05Life-long Education

The Lifelong Education Center is operating a wide variety of classes developed based on the needs of citizens including classes on the humanities, cultural refinement, everyday sports, culture and the arts for the purpose of improving the quality of life and promoting personal development for various groups including the local residents, workers, seniors and teachers, based on the education philosophy of Korea and the spirit of education of GINUE.

06Student Counseling

As a specialized center dedicated to promoting the potential of students and helping them lead a sound college life to achieve holistic growth, the Student Counseling Center offers comprehensive and systematic services including psychological tests and counseling in relation to adaptation to college life, schoolwork, interpersonal relations, and emotional problems.

07Education Research

The Education Research Center carries out research on elementary education and teacher education, in addition to conducting academic research for the advancement of elementary education and hosting and supporting various academic conferences and the Gyeongin Academic Forum.

08Media Center

The Media Center plays a central role in voicing the general opinions of the students and delivering diverse information by publishing a university newspaper and magazine and airing on-campus broadcasts, thereby creating a university culture characterized by emotional and knowledge enrichment.

09Creativity and Character
Education Center

To cultivate good character among the prospective teachers and help them better understand the situations of students requiring special consideration for education opportunities, the Creativity and Character Education Center develops student-led education volunteer programs, manages the completion criteria for such programs, and cooperates with the professionals and organizations in the field concerning creativity and character education.

10Distance Education and
Training Support Center

The Distance Education and Training Support Center implements a distance training system to improve the education informatization of GINUE, which has been selected as a central university in informatization with the support of the Ministry of Education. It aims to foster elementary and secondary education teachers needed in the knowledge-based society of the 21stcenturyandpromote.

Elementary School

The attached elementary school is dedicated to providing excellent education to students who are seeking a better future through diverse artistic activities, discussions, and debates. This is to attain the goals of nurturing students who enjoy learning, who live together in harmony with others, and who pursue happiness by carrying out student-oriented education activities that focus on upholding the basics and fundamentals.

Affairs Center

The International Affairs Center plans and operates a wide range of programs that help prospective teachers gain international competitiveness. Such programs include joint education practicums with the students from sister universities, overseas education volunteer work and academic exchanges, student exchanges and more, which serve to foster elementary education teachers with global competency, creativity and character demanded by information and knowledge-based society.

13Career Development

To help prospective teachers effectively prepare for the national teacher examination and promote the diverse mentoring programs aimed at fostering creative teachers, the Career Development Center invites in-service teachers and education specialists for special lectures and is partnering up with an increasing number of institutions for the mentoring programs.

14Center for Teaching
and Learning

In order to contribute to the reinforcement of university education, the Center for Teaching and Learning conducts R&D projects on teaching and learning methods to support the research on effective teaching methods and the methods of improving and evaluating lectures. It also supervises programs related to writing instruction and academic counseling for students.

15Reserve Officers
Training Corps

The Reserve Officers Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) offers R.O.T.C. trainings to foster potential candidates, counseling for current students on the military service, and military scholarships, in addition to recruiting and managing R.O.T.C. officers. Through these efforts, the R.O.T.C. is contributing to strengthening solidarity between the military and the school, creation of a sound school culture, and cultivation of good character among the prospective educators.


The Archives establishes and implements plans related to records management and control, and collects, organizes, preserves, and makes available the records worth preserving. Through these activities, the Archives provide meaningful information and culture to the members of the university and the local community.

17Admissions Office

The Admissions office is charge of university admissions and improving the admissions system. It is responsible for evaluating and selecting applicants, preparing evaluation criteria and materials, promoting admissions information, and providing consultation on admissions.

18Gender Equality Center

The Gender Equality Center runs psychological counseling and programs to prevent sexual harassment and violence to raise awareness among the members of the school and create a mature and sound university environment.

19Support Center for
Students with Disabilities

The Support Center for Students with Disabilities is committed to providing academic support for students with disabilities and improving the perception of the disabled. The center offers teaching learning programs that provide equal opportunities of education for students with disabilities; expands the scope of assistive tools; extends and improves the amenities for the disabled as a means to promote their welfare; and runs various students-initiated programs.

20Gender Equality Center

The Gender Equility Center runs psychological counseling and programs to prevent sexual harassment and violence to raise awareness among the members of the school and create a mature and sound university environment