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Physical Education

체육교육과 사진

In the Department of Physical Education, students are given in-depth theoretic education and practical training in order to better understand the essence of physical education and develop the qualifications they need to become competent elementary physical education teachers. Students are instructed to promote the value of physical activity through integrated teaching and learning activities and the use of efficient teaching and learning methods in the areas of health, competition, expression, and safety. The general curriculum consists of Physical Education Theory (I & II), Physical Education Practice (I & II), and Physical Expression Activities, while the intensive curriculum includes Physical Activity and Basic Skills, Physical Activity Instruction Methods, Elementary Dance Education, Physiology of Childhood Sports, Exercise and Health, Psychology of Childhood Sports, Sports and Social Sciences, Physical Education Curriculum, Elementary Physical Education Evaluation, and various practical training courses.

Incheon Campus

  • AddGym #115
  • Tel+82-32-540-1250
  • Fax+82-32-540-1457

Gyeonggi Campus

  • AddGym #201
  • Tel+82-31-470-6250
  • Fax+82-31-470-6259

Professor's introduction

Professor's introduction
Campus Name Position The lab Contact Email
Gyeonggi Seang-leol Yoo Professor Gym #309 +82-31-470-6251
Gyeonggi Dae-hyung Lee Professor Gym #310 +82-31-470-6256
Gyeonggi Kang-soon Lee Professor Gym #308 +82-31-470-6253
Gyeonggi Chae-woon Kim Professor Gym #306 +82-31-470-6258
Gyeonggi Mi-hee Yoo Professor Gym #304 +82-31-470-6255
Incheon Je-haeng Lee Professor Gym #102 +82-32-540-1383
Gyeonggi Seung-bum Lee Professor Gym #301 +82-31-470-6257
Incheon Moon-soo Ko Associate Professor Gym #104 +82-32-540-1257
Incheon Sung-jun Yun Associate Professor Gym #107 +82-32-540-1251
Incheon Jun-hyung Baek Associate Professor Gym #106 +82-32-540-1259
Incheon Hee-su Lee Assistant Professor Gym #105 +82-32-540-1254
Incheon Jihoon Ahn Assistant Professor Gym #106 +82-32-540-1259