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Special (Inclusive) Education

특수(통합)교육학과 사진

The Department of Special(Inclusive) Education was newly established in 2012, with the aim of fostering professional teachers who can proactively deal with the numerous issues that have been arising at schools in recent years. The focus is on children with mental or pathological issues who may potentially cause school violence, special children such as gifted children and children with disabilities, children with low basic-academic skills and all other children with various abilities and unique characteristics. The department produces leading teachers, who can administer classes taking into account individual differences among children from diverse groups by employing various teaching methods including the multilevel inclusive instruction.

Incheon Campus

  • AddLiberal Arts Building #333
  • Tel+82-32-540-1370
  • Fax+82-32-540-1375

Gyeonggi Campus

  • AddLiberal Arts Building #416
  • Tel+82-31-470-6370
  • Fax+82-31-470-6022

Professor's introduction

Professor's introduction
Campus Name Position The lab Contact Email
Incheon Dae-sik Lee Professor Liberal Arts Building #404 +82-32-540-1305 leeds@ginue.ac.kr
Gyeonggi Soo-youn Kim Professor Liberal Arts Building #419 +82-31-470-6255 sooyoun@ginue.ac.kr
Incheon Hee-yeon Lee Associate Professor Liberal Arts Building #324 +82-32-540-1225 hylee@ginue.ac.kr
Gyeonggi Jaehyun Shin Assistant Professor Liberal Arts Building #418 +82-31-470-6008 edusjh01@ginue.ac.kr