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Early Childhood Education

유아교육과 사진

The Department of Early Childhood Education aims to deal with the theories and practices of instructing elementary school students in the lower grades, with a focus on bridging kindergarten and elementary school education more efficiently. An intensive program pertaining to early childhood education is in place to help prospective elementary school teachers improve their qualifications to teach students in the lower grades. The curriculum includes a child-oriented education course, kindergarten and elementary school education linking methodology, developmental theory, early childhood language instruction, early childhood mathematics instruction, early childhood science instruction, early childhood education method, infant cretivity education, early childhood social studies education, parental education, and early childhood art education.

Incheon Campus

  • AddLiberal Arts Building #401
  • Tel+82-32-540-1357
  • Fax+82-32-540-1356

Gyeonggi Campus

  • AddLiberal Arts Building Research-dong #509
  • Tel+82-31-470-6320
  • Fax+82-31-470-6329

Professor's introduction

Professor's introduction
Campus Name Position The lab Contact Email
Gyeonggi Kyung-min Lee Professor Liberal Arts Building Research-dong #512 +82-31-470-6323 leekm@ginue.ac.kr
Incheon Young-sook Jang Professor Liberal Arts Building #402 +82-32-540-1311 yjang@ginue.ac.kr
Gyeonggi Il-sun Choi Professor Liberal Arts Building Research-dong #511 +82-31-470-6321 kidis@ginue.ac.kr
Gyeonggi Ho Kim Professor Liberal Arts Building Research-dong #513 +82-31-470-6322 hoho@ginue.ac.kr
Incheon Eun-young Lee Associate Professor Liberal Arts Building #403 +82-32-540-1322 eylee@ginue.ac.kr